Welcome to Guangzhou!

发表于 2017-02-21

Welcome to Guangzhou!

Our Pleasure to Greet You Here!

Distinguished Guest,

It’s our great honor to greet you and host you here in the city of Guangzhou, an inclusive metropolis well balanced in modern innovation and historical heritage. As an ecumenical social service organization inspired by the spirit of Jesus Christ “to serve, but not to be served”, We, YMCA of Guangzhou, has been serving this city and its people since 1909.

We expect to enrich your Guangzhou experience by sharing with you our consecutive service efforts in the local community, and building a bridge between you and the people that we’ve been proudly working with, in hope that this will help you gain a multi-layered perspective of this city and establish long-lasting connections and friendship with some of its people, be it our secretaries or staff, members or volunteers, or the varied social groups that we’ve been serving. Your willingness of being engaged in our services, as well as your observations and ideas over our services and any of the development issues in Guangzhou, are highly valued. Our YMCA would be proud to facilitate the cultural and intellectual exchange to make our community, and this world at large, a better place.

Our sincere wish is to make your stay here a joyful and fruitful one. We encourage you to contribute to this goal by promptly and candidly sharing with us your thoughts about this experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach any of our staff members for this purpose. And you’re more than welcomed to write comments to gzymcaint@126.com anytime.

Please find below some information about this city which might be helpful during your stay here.

Working Group on International Affairs

YMCA of Guangzhou


Map of City Metro

(marked with YMCA Centers)

Map of Guangzhou

(Marked with YMCA Centers)