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发表于 2014-11-01

Founded in 1909, Young Men’s Christian Association of Guangzhou (YMCA of Guangzhou) is a non-profit social service group involving an increasingly great number of passionate participants from all walks of life. With its cultural root in Christianity and characteristic of internationality, YMCA of Guangzhou has been taking efforts to advance whole-person development and harmonious society, persisting and practising its motto, namely, not to be served, but to serve. At the present stage of on-going social transformation, YMCA of Guangzhou has been uniting warm-hearted people in the community and offering tailored services to different social groups like teenagers, special children, the elderly, migrant people, etc., whose needs are especially concerned about. YMCA of Guangzhou has been sharing and promoting its core values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility through these various services, thus dedicate to the social integration of communities, and the construction of “Happy Guangzhou”.

Based on its membership system, YMCA of Guangzhou designs and offers diverse services such as education and training, sports and recreation activities, community-based care, volunteer cultivation and international exchanges, which have attracted nearly 3,000 registered members and 10,000 volunteers. Any one regardless of age, gender and religious beliefs, who agree on the motto and tenet of YMCA, has a willing to participate in or support to the services of us, is welcome to join us. So we cordially invite you to become a member of us, sharing the happiness of serving people and a fruitful life together.

Our Motto and Purpose

1. Motto

Not to be served, but to serve.

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."

—— Mattew 20:28

2. Purpose

Based on the spirit of Jesus Christ, increase a holistic development in spiritual, mental, physical and social behavior of the public, rendering them a noble and sound characteristics and spirit of fellowship, thus serve the people and benefit the society.

3. Mission

Unite the young, promote the spirit of Christianity, develop sound personality and build a perfect society.

(The spirit of Christianity here refers to Love, Sacrifice, Dedication, etc., which are the origin of altruism in Social Work.)

Our Attention and Initiation

1. Whole-person Development

Through diverse services and activities, we advance the participants’ healthy development of "spirit, mind, body and sociality", thus contributing to their harmonious unity of body, mind and soul.

2. Social Responsibility

To nurture young people to establish Christ-like servant spirit, and the character of social responsibility, and make them be responsible both for themselves and for others with a view to serving the community and benefiting the people.

3. Integration and Coexistence

To improve mutually-benefitial coexistence of individuals, families, communities and people at all levels of society and from all walks of life, and build up a harmonious and symbiotic social organism.

Our Services

1. Education and Training

With the idea of character cultivation of the people, we offer regular and diversify training programs on sports, arts, skills, group activities, leadership, etc., thus to nurture social elites with sound personality and social responsibility.

2. Sports and Recreation Activities

With a view to develop the fellowship between members and promote a healthy life style among them, we operate interesting and wholesome brand services and activities such as members’ group outing, ball games, city orienting competition, charity run, camp activities, sports meeting for special children, and Olympics for the elderly.

3. Community-based Care

Regarding community as a small unit in getting ourselves involved in the society, we focus on the needs of social groups of all ages and from all social classes, connecting every possible resource to meet their needs , making every effort to do good to people.

4. International Exchanges

Make friendly exchanges with YMCAs and social groups from all over the world like Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe and America; communicate and cooperate with them in the fields of common concern, such as cultural education, volunteers development, social services, charity, environmental protection and world peace, developing friendship as well as mutual trust, and making joint efforts to build a harmonious world.

5. Volunteer Cultivation

Based on the Volunteer Association of YMCA of Guangzhou, we build up a volunteer-cultivation system including recruitment, assignment, training and motivation. We implement the self-management of voluntary services, enhance the projectization of our brand services, develop volunteers’ potential, and inspire their leadership, thus carrying forward the timeless voluntary spirit of YMCA from generation to generation.

Join Us

How to get your membership:

  • Download electronic application form from our official website (www.gzymca.org)

  • Get paper application form from our centers listed below

  1. Fangcun Center

    No.1 Peizhen road, Liwan District, Guangzhou.


  2. Tianhe Center

    5th floor, A2 of Longyuan Building, No. 549 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou.